Lanbiao Tool Introduction what you need to have a good hammer!

Source:Jinhua Lanbiao Tools Technology Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-03-26

As we all know, there are many brands of electric hammers, many models, and their advantages and disadvantages. What should we pay attention to when purchasing electric hammer products? The following blue label tool briefly introduces the conditions that a good electric hammer needs to prepare:

1. Electric hammer products need to have dual functions of hammer drill. Single-function electric tools can no longer meet current work requirements. Most of the work requires hammers, drills, chisels, etc. Dual-function electric hammers not only have the function of electric drills, but also have Electric hammer function, easy to use.

2. Accurate speed switch is a big obvious mark of a good electric hammer. The speed of the speed switch is lower when the switch is touched, which can help the machine to start drilling smoothly, not only to prevent the drill bit from slipping, but also to prevent the drill hole from breaking. During normal work, use to adjust to the high speed position to ensure high work efficiency.

3. Good shock absorption system. The good shock absorption system can make the operator comfortable to hold. One of the ways to achieve a good shock absorption system is to increase the grip comfort through a soft rubber handle.

4. Comprehensive protective device. The electric motor overnight air device can prevent granular hard objects from entering the inside of the machine and play a protective role.

5. Stable and reliable safety clutch. Although most of the domestic electric hammer products are equipped with safety clutches, most of the safety clutches are fictitious and do not bring safety guarantee. The stable and reliable safety clutch can Avoiding the large torque reaction force caused by the stagnation of the drill bit during use to the user, thereby providing certain safety protection for the user, and also preventing the motor from stopping.

6, forward and reverse function, forward and reverse function using electric hammer products have a wider range of applications, the realization of the forward and reverse function is mainly achieved by switching or adjusting the brush position.