What should I pay attention to when using power tools?

Source:Jinhua Lanbiao Tools Technology Co., Ltd.Release time:2020-03-26

1. Before using the power tool, a professional electrician should check whether the wiring is correct to prevent accidents caused by the wrong connection of the neutral line and the phase line.

2. Before using the tool for a long time without use or damp, the electrician should measure whether the insulation resistance value meets the requirements.

3. The flexible cable or cord that comes with the power tool must not be long. When the power supply is far from the work place, a mobile electric box should be used.

4. The original plug of the power tool must not be removed or changed at will. It is strictly forbidden to directly insert the wire of the electric wire into the socket without the plug.

5. If the tool casing is found to be broken, the handle should be stopped and replaced.

6. Non-full-time personnel shall not disassemble and repair tools without authorization.

7. The rotating parts of power tools should have protective devices.

8. Operators should wear insulation protective equipment according to regulations.

9. Leakage protector must be installed at the power source.